Welcome to moonie.ca!*

*an esoteric niche activity that is well outside the mainstream data service

Unlike moonie.com, moonie.org, (both previously owned by Jeff Bowman in North Carolina), and moonie.net (previously owned by Gary Moonie in British Columbia) (now both owned by domain squaters monitizing with unrelated ads)
moonie.ca actually has content. ^_-

Server owned and operated by: Glen A. Pearce

Want This

Users with content hosted on the www.moonie.ca server include: Hosts that I currently have defined under moonie.ca are:

If you would like a hostname under the moonie.ca domain pointed at your IP address contact me for details.

Hosts discontinued under moonie.ca:

moonie.ca E-mail

There is no mail server for thie moonie.ca domain at this time however I do have E-mail forwarding through EasyDNS (see banner at the bottom of this page). I have extra E-mail forwarding ailiases that I'm willing to re-sell for $1 CDN (or $1 U.S.) per year. There is an additional $1 CDN (or $1 U.S.) fee for each time you have me change the E-mail address that the ailias forwards to in order to discourage frequent change requests. ^_- Contact me for details. (I respond faster to ICQ messages than E-mail. ^_-)

Certain persons such as fansubbers, qualified fansub distros, personal friends of mine, and anyone else I choose to favour can get moonie.ca ailiases at no charge. ^_^


The free name provied by dyndns.org (moonie.homeip.net) will be kept but now points to the server status page for moonie.ca. This is to encourage people to update their links as I have more control over the moonie.ca name than over moonie.homeip.net. ^_-

www.moonie.ca is a cookies free server

(As opposed to a free cookies server. ^_-)

Haven't you ever wondered about all these cookies other sites give you? I mean you are probably thinking that these sites are run by a bunch of nice guys giving out free cookies but have you ever noticed they never give you any milk to go with them? I think this overuse of cookies is just a sceme to sell more milk. ^_-

If you are looking for a T-shirt or poster with the picture that appears on the left you can buy one from gotmilk.com.

Note: gotmilk.com gives out cookies so that proves my theory. ^_- They give out weird flavours like ASPSESSIONIDGQQGGQFS=MFBCGHKBOHNGHHJBENNHCMEH, personally I'd perfer chocolate chip. ^_-

Handy links:


News outlets in countries/places of interest:

Making Windows 10 look old school:

Retro Computing:

Network Operations:

Network Tools:

Tech Blogs:

Alternate Web Browsers*:

*The browsers listed are not necessarily recommended or tested by me, known browsers are being cataloged here for my own future reference. Use your own due diligence in choosing one for yourself.

Preserving the early internet:

Western Canadian Transport:

Online Auction sites (Alternatives to Ebay) :

Dummies guide to setting up a NT based web server.

Please excuse this graphic, my scanner apparently needs aligning. ^_-

This section has been revised as it was originally a guide based on PWS and moonie.ca has stopped using PWS as of Sept. 19/2001 after the NIMDA Virus exposed a serious security flaw in PWS. (As well as in newer versions of Internet Explorer, I would now recommend that you switch to Firefox, Mozilla or Opera browsers instead. ^_-)

The moonie.ca web server now runs using Xitami (info on legacy version) which is much less fussy about the order of installation than PWS and is much easier to figure out so a detailed installation guide is no longer needed for those getting set up. Also Xitami has you select the administration username and password while the installer is running so it's easy to configure.

Although Xitami also includes FTP service this was de-activated and I'm still using Serve-U FTP from Catsoft as the FTP server due to some better features that it offers.

For those of you who want a domain name pointed at your server I recommend EasyDNS who provide the domain registration and DNS service for moonie.ca. (They no longer offer a referal bonus but I still recommend them. ^_-)

'A DNS Service I can bank on' -Some guy in Argentina (Paraphrased ^_-)

They also offer support for DNS Security Extensions, Encryption on Mail Forwarding, and an IMAP Migration tool for those who want those features.

See pricing by TLD.

Easy Way

Also check out their Domain Help (Incorporating Easy WHOIS lookup).

Coming soon is their EasyCrypto Payment Gateway.

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