My Yishda Review!

Both orders from Yishda were great!

First I ordered 3 Batteries for my LG G3. They were shipped from Yishda's facility in Guangdong Province, China by China Posts' "ePacket" service which is treated as ExpressPost once it is handed off to Canada Post. It arrived at Station Main here in Winnipeg in less than 2 weeks.

One of the main reasons I choose Yishda is that they are one of the few Amazon Marketplace sellers that did their own fullfillment for G3 batteries whereas everyone else with G3 batteries for my phone seemed to use Amazon fullfillment which for some reason that Amazon doesn't explain won't ship these items to my address. (Though they have shipped other items here before both Amazon's own and fullfillment of other items for Amazon Marketplace sellers.)

I had at the same time ordered 2 chargers from another Amazon Marketplace seller which did have a lower price but shipped by regular airmail which has no tracking and seems to have much lower priority for actually getting on a plane than "ePacket" does.

Once the delivery from the other vendor was about 2 weeks past the estimated time Amazon stated it should arrive I started following up with them but at the same time went back to Yishda to order 2 chargers from them incase the other ones never arrived.

So I went to order 2 charger/battery bundles from Yishda. (When I did the first order chargers were sold separately and the bundle option wasn't available.)

The problem that occured was that now Yishda was using Amazon fullfillment and I was encountering the same problem as with the other Amazon marketplace sellers, Amazon fullfillment would not ship these items to my address.

So after several back and forth E-mails with Yishda they said they'ld still ship directly to me, just I was having trouble getting the Amazon site to let me select that option.

The person I was corresponding with at Yishda guided me through Amazon's very non-intuitive process to select direct shipment.

After Yishda went in to set up the option I had to first have to click where it says "2 new":

Then I got this screen:

Where I could choose the option not fullfilled by Amazon.

Again the order arrived from Yishda's facility in Guangdong Province, China by "ePacket" in less than 2 weeks.

While I was waiting for it the 2 chargers from the other vendor showed up in the meanwhile. (Aproximately 3 weeks longer than Amazon said it should.)

Both Chargers (and the 2 from other other vendor which were the same Manufacturer, "Yibo Yuan") and all 5 batteries appear to work great.

Thanks to the staff at Yishda for being extra helpfull when Amazon was being difficult for both of us.

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